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Business Protection

Keyperson Insurance 

Purchased on the life of one or more key employees, whose skills are regarded as vital to the success of the company and whos absense could have a potentially negative effect on the financial and operational aspects of the company. This policy provides funds to the company to bridge the gap following the death of an insured keyperson.


Co-Directors Insurance 

Allows shareholders of private companies to incorperate a structure to allow remaining shareholders the opportunity to purchase the remaining shares of a deceased shareholder. This policy provides funds to allow the next of kin to buy back the deceased directors shares in the company.


Partnership Insurance 

This policy enables the partners of a firm to put in place a structure to provide a lump sum payment to the deceased partner's next of kin, in lieu of the deceased's share of the partnership. This gives remaining partners full control as they have the funds available to buy back all of the shares of the deceased partner whilst giving the next of kin the full monetary value of the shares in question.


Exectutive Income Protection for Key Employees/owner Directors   

This policy enables you to provide your employees with an income if they are unable to work due to an illness or injury after a certain period of time. The premiums qualify as a tax deductible expense making this a very efficient way to protect employee salaries.


Pension term Assurance 

This plan enables the policy owner to have a term assurance plan which is structured to use tax relief that is available in pension legislation. As a result this comes in at as a cheaper option than the regular Term Assurance policy by as much as 40%. Self employed individuals or anyone working in a non pension paying employment can avail of this plan.


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