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Specified Illness Protection

Some of the main things to consider if you suffer from serious illness:


 Would the impact of the illness have an effect on your financial well being and that of your family?


 How long would you be able to maintain your normal lifestyle?


 If unable to work after the illness, would you have any income to support yourself/your family?

Did you know?


• In Ireland 1 in 3 men will get cancer in their lifetime

• In Ireland 1 in 4 women will get cancer in their lifetime

• 60% of patients diagnosed with cancer in Ireland in 2008 were still alive five years after diagnosis

• Approximately 10,000 people suffer a stroke in Ireland annually


Sources: Cancer in Ireland 2013: Annual report of the National Cancer Registry, Irish Heart Foundation,

A Specified Illness Benefit pays you a lump sum amount on diagnosis of some of today's most common serious illnesses. Illnesses such as heart attack, stroke and cancer being the most frequent illnesses to be paid out on amongst many others covered in this type of policy.

On diagnosis of one of the covered specified illnesses you are paid out a lump sum for you to keep your finances on track whilst you concentrate on getting better! Specified illness can be added to any term or mortgage contracts. 

With such a wide range  of plans and options available, why not call us today  to discuss your needs with one of our qualified financial advisors.